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Welcome to Light & Life, we’re glad you dropped by.  


We are a group of ordinary people, each with different backgrounds and stories, who have found spiritual fulfilment and freedom through Jesus.


‘Spiritual’ rather than ‘religious’,  our aim is to show people true Christian spirituality by demonstrating the Jesus of the Bible through love, signs, wonders and miracles.


We do this firstly through our individual lives, and secondly through our events. You can find out more about who we are and what we do by looking at the different pages of this web site or by contacting us. Also why not follow us on facebook.

Enjoy your visit!

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Experience a bit of Heaven on Earth in the incredible atmosphere of our spiritual fairs, more>

We host Light & Life events at all sorts of community events including arts festivals, more>

Offering hungry seekers a chance to encounter the Spirit of Jesus by demonstrating the God who speaks, heals and delivers more>

Grow in intimacy and gifting through our  training programmes and learn to share Jesus with others through prophecy, signs, wonders & miracles more>

. . . a place where ordinary people experience the God of love

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